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"Paul is truly the best in the business. He's able to take complex business challenges and offer a simple solution that delights the novice users as well as sophisticated, power users. His leadership skills are obvious when he commands a room of business executives as well as product managers and technical developers through the challenging phases of design thinking."

Mary Beth Loverdi, SVP Client Digital Strategy and Product Management, Northern Trust Corporation

"Paul knows how to partner with large global companies to provide smart, creative solutions. His intellect and commitment to customer satisfaction is unparalleled in my experience."

Vicki Colaneri, Managing Director, Global HR Service Delivery, Moody's

"Paul is a talented user experience professional and was wonderful to work with. He was extremely patient and understanding of large company logistics and processes. He also took the time to understand all the nuances of our project and develop creative and highly scalable ideas. I'd highly recommend him for any digital project, particularly within the financial services sector."

Michelle Kay Brown, as SVP, Digital Marketing, Bank of America

"Paul and I worked together early on in our bank's transformation program to enhance the creative and user experience design competencies within our organization. He and his team were instrumental in delivering superior experiences for our customers (example: exceeding an industry best in class experience for account opening). His leadership also enabled us to improve collaboration between UX and Development, mature our overall delivery model and scale to meet growing importance and demand of our UX practice."

Paul Hlivko, as SVP, Managing Director, IT & Digital, First Niagara Bank

"Understanding customer behavior and expectations, then leveraging a full suite of User Experience design and build tools, Paul and his team reduced delivery times significantly. He personally oversaw the development of new interfaces for a differentiate product set, while delivering an outstanding interface across multiple channels (mobile, desktop, etc.)...I would be happy to recommend and contract Paul and his team for any UX engagement in the future."

Thomas Bontempo, as Director of Digital Marketing and Banking, First Niagara Bank 


"Paul is a design leader like no other: as talented a practitioner as you'll find, whose acumen and scholarship in the realm of UX is, in my experience, peerless...If I seem effusive, it's because I am, in Paul's case: he's an absolute pro in the design space, and someone to whom I was proud to report. Paul will enrich any designer that he works with; and any organisation that is fortunate enough to partner with him." 

Matthew Smith, UX Designer and Educator

"I had the pleasure of working alongside Paul for almost 3 years. He is such a professional. He effortlessly moves from client delivery, to mentoring his team to practice development building exceptional relationships with clients and colleagues alike. What strikes me most about working with Paul is the amount that people learn from him." 

Susan Sharp, Partner, Digital Experience and Innovation Consulting, PwC Canada​

"Paul is one of the best in the industry. There are few people like him, in my opinion. Smart, insightful, dedicated, and a wonderful "player/coach". I count myself lucky I had the chance to work with Paul for nearly 3 years! And in that time I learned so much from him. If you are in a position to hire or work with Paul, take it. You won't regret it!" 

Jon Finkelstein, Executive Creative Director, PwC Canada

"Paul's deep knowledge of User Experience theory and practice is unsurpassed, and his stellar leadership skills made even the most difficult design engagements run smoothly and effectively. Most of all, Paul has that quality I consider to be THE most valuable in an effective UX designer: empathy. I am a much better designer, and design leader, as a result of the knowledge I have gained from, and the example set by, Paul." 

Chris Moorehead, Information Design, Data Visualization, and Accessibility Leader, PwC Canada

"Paul is a superb user-experience designer and team leader. He understands how user experience drives business success with customers. He excels where the experience is highly interactive and customer drop-off can be a problem such as the online account opening process for banks. He is also great at complex experiences with many possible types of interactions such as online banking. Paul is wonderful with clients. He has a very practical, no-nonsense approach to working interactions that makes clients confident that that are in good hands. Past clients call him up for UX advice all the time. Paul has also been a great team leader, able to use his team's skills effectively. He is committed to their growth and success."

Ron Kole, as Account Director of Financial Services, SapientNitro

"Paul and I collaborated on a project that lasted more than a year. Paul brought deep expertise in the areas of User Centered Design as well as general site design/information architecture. I learned a lot more about these disciplines simply as a consequence of working closely with Paul...Paul was able to cross into areas such as technical architecture, testing, etc. and was able to challenge the technical team to think in new ways and come up with solutions that may at first be out of their comfort zone or typical approach. Paul was able to do this in a positive way, creating long lasting friendships with team members. I continue to correspond with Paul today and value his insight and feedback. I hope to get the opportunity to work with him on a future engagement."

Vinnie Schoenfelder, Principal and CTO, Captech

"Paul is a brilliant, articulate and strategic thinker. He is a natural relationship builder, and is very results-oriented. His leadership skills are exemplary as he truly models the way and inspires trust...Paul shares his knowledge and experience freely, and has become an informal mentor to many colleagues and clients as a result. I would jump at the chance to work with Paul again." 

Lisa Mitchell, Executive Coach | Talent Management Consultant | Facilitator | Speaker

Photo of Paul Eisen, UX Practitioner and Executive Leader | Strategy, Research, and Design | Educator
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