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Financial services – wealth management


UX strategy & design lead


A North American trust company with ultra-high-net-worth clientele needed to refresh its online portal to improve its competitive position and to address client experience. The existing portal – serving individuals and professional money managers running family offices – was limited in functionality, and its complex design was very challenging to learn and use. This resulted in low client satisfaction and high support costs.



I executed an end-to-end human-centred-design initiative, starting with experience research in the form of contextual inquiry. Based on the findings, I formulated an experience model and behavioural personas representing the breadth of design-relevant user needs and attributes. With the working team, I collaboratively established design principles, against which I facilitated requirements prioritization. The solution phase began with a design concepting exercise, where I focused on high-level information architecture, global elements, primary page layouts, and key design patterns. I executed a round of end-user validation of the design concepts, and then made revisions during the detailed design phase, which included detailed interaction designs, UI copy, and annotations. Alongside the IA and interaction design, I directed a visual designer who established the visual treatment and created detailed visual styles for key pages and all unique components and elements, which were captured in a visual style guide. Before the end of detailed design, I conducted another round of user experience validation and design refinement.



The trust company now offers a modern, world-class tool for online money management, sporting rich, real-time and customizable views for professional money managers in family offices, among many other design features.

Download white paper: Behavioral Segmentation for Personas 

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