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Financial services – business & institutional banking


UX strategy and design lead


Bank of America (BofA) had merged with Merrill Lynch, and was looking to create a website to define and market the newly integrated Businesses and Institutions (B&I) division. Simultaneously, BofA was updating their retail and small-business online presence, and forming a revised set of digital brand standards.


I conducted multiple internal stakeholder interviews and collaborative sessions to understand the new organization, its goals, and the goals for the website. I then facilitated discussions to establish the breadth of content and functionality that could achieve these goals. My design effort had two initial focus areas: (1) a substantive exploration of the information architecture that would effectively communicate the breadth and value of the service offerings (what to say); and (2) an experience-design framework that would enable to the efficient management of content, while providing a powerful expression of BofA’s capabilities and value proposition (how to say it). Concurrently, I collaborated with the visual design team to establish the visual treatment to align with the BofA rebranding effort, while honouring the uniquely differentiated attributes of the B&I division.



The site achieved the communications and marketing goals, including alignment with the digital brand. The design was awarded Outstanding Achievement from the Interactive Media Council’s Interactive Media Awards. Additionally, and importantly, the process drove a great deal of clarity within the new organization, enabling further internal organizational alignment.

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