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Consumer packaged goods


UX strategy and design lead


Campbell, a global CPG firm with iconic brands manufactured and sold in dozens of markets, was challenged with fragmented, ineffective, and under-utilized intranet sites. Campbell acquired funding to create a consolidated global enterprise portal, serving all employees across all business units and subsidiaries. The goals were to create a strong global community, increase productivity and engagement, decrease operating costs, and serve as a tangible example of internal innovation.


Starting with contextual inquiry, we met physically and virtually with employees across various brands, locations, workplace types, functions, and job levels. Based on the initial insights, we formulated hypotheses about pain points and needs and then validated or rejected these statistically in a global employee survey. The findings enabled us to prioritize content and functionality with confidence. As a lynchpin to the design, I articulated the experience strategy, specifying the experiential brand promise and the nature and priority of the design mechanisms. We then started the design with the information architecture and a creative vision. Elaborating the design into sketches and then detailed interaction designs, and specifying styles, we ran two iterations of user feedback and revisions before fully specifying and freezing the design. We helped simplify the CMS, and supported a change-management process to elevate adoption. After development and deployment, we tracked employee usage.


The intranet was widely adopted across brands and geographies, with a 10-fold increase in site visits in Europe, while the number of pages per visit dropped by 50%, presumably due to content aggregation, and less navigating required to acquire content. The solution was awarded a top-10 in Nielsen-Norman Group’s Intranet Design Annual (2008).

Jakob Nielsen stated: “…there's no doubt that intranet efficiency — and thus employee productivity — increased immensely after the redesign…”.

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