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Consumer packaged goods; Retail eCommerce


UX strategy & design lead


P&G, a massive global CPG company, had at the time over 80 brands, with a presence in over 140 markets. Each brand and market was managing its own digital marketing and eCommerce presence, amounting to over 1000 distinct websites and apps and resulting in massive cost inefficiencies. As well, many of these sites had suboptimal conversion rates. P&G set out to create a single, consolidated marketing and eCommerce platform. The end users for this platform are design agencies.



We established a goal of creating a design system that would allow maximum flexibility for the creative expression of each brand in each market, while restricting the options enough to ensure best practices and maximum conversion rates. I led a team of UX strategists and designers, starting with a thorough best-practices review. We created an experience model, defined the key usage scenarios based on presumed intentions, and then mapped content and capabilities to the scenarios to ensure coverage. After prioritizing, we crafted a framework for the responsive design system, focusing on hand-held mobile and tablet/desktop layouts. After detailing the IA and interaction designs, to stress-test the system our visual designers transferred content and creative styles from existing websites onto the wireframes. We then executed usability testing to validate the design approach, while supporting the development team. We also created a training program to enable agencies to effectively use the platform.



As an important point of validation, visual designers were able to apply diverse creative styles and content to the design system, while adhering to the restrictions. Usability testing confirmed ease of use and minimized paths to purchase. P&G deployed the platform and continues to roll websites onto the platform over time, reducing ongoing costs.

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