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Learning and gaming


UX strategy and design lead


Leapfrog, maker of electronic learning games, was underperforming with their eCommerce site and was (ironically, given the digital maturity of the product set) lagging in online engagement and digital innovation.


Starting with a focus on eCommerce, we redesigned the website with the goal of elevating conversion. We took a classic human-centred design approach of discovery, framework and concept design, consumer validation, and finally detailed design and further validation and refinement. We then turned our attention to a strategy and conceptual design exercise for deeper consumer engagement. Mapping the Leapfrog product set onto learning journeys, we conceptualized, validated, and refined, a child view and a parent view.


The initial site redesign resulted in an immediate and sustained lift in conversions (50% lift in direct sales). The subsequent strategy and design of the family-based learning experience included a connected experience where the child could see their game progress on the website, while the parent could monitor and track the learning of all of their children, seeing their progress across subjects (e.g., math) and suggestions for game titles that would be appropriate as a next step along the learning path. This led to deeper refinement and eventual execution by the client.

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