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How many times have you been in an elevator rushing to hit the open-door button, only to struggle to distinguish it from the equally ambiguous close-door button? As many as the number of times you stared blankly at a computer screen, simply unable to figure out what to do next?


Our lives are surrounded by products that fail to address the way we sense, perceive, process, and communicate information. And my life's journey in experience design has been one of creating products to make our lives better. It may drive my wife and friends a little crazy, but this has always been my calling: observing, analyzing, and improving how we interact with the world.

What does this mean for you? I design technology-enabled, human-centred business solutions that help maximize return on investment, build customer loyalty, and generate employee engagement.

Need a dose of that? Or just want to chat? Please connect with me.

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Photo of Paul Eisen, User Experience Practitioner and Executive Leader | Strategy, Research, and Design | Educator
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