I've had a fantastic journey leading to this point in my career. The people I've learned and grown from – my bosses, peers, and colleagues – are far too numerous to mention thoroughly. Here are just the highlights:

I write about my inspiring academic start in 12 Questions, calling out Professors Foley, Senders, and Moray at the University of Toronto. I'd also like to give a shout out to Professor Harry Snyder who guided me through my graduate work at Virginia Tech, and then introduced me to my first employer, a human factors research institute at TNO in The Netherlands .

Along the way, I've gained so much from my mentors:

  • Karel Vredenburg  modelled what organizational influence looks like. I can only aspire to the impact Karel's had at a global giant like IBM.

  • David Berger  served as my boss in a student placement and then again at CIBC. He continues to connect with me today. The lessons I learned from David could cover volumes.

  • I'd be remiss not to mention Steve Henley at CIBC for the most memorable quote that has guided my political acumen, a mandatory skill in a world that's still far from fully appreciating the value of the user experience:

"You can be dead right, but you'll be dead before you're right."

As I start this next chapter of my career, as an independent consultant where I have the chance to share my wisdom and life lessons with those taking on new challenges in the ever-changing digital world, I want to also thank Lisa Borden of Borden Communications  for her guidance in shaping my personal brand through this website.

Most important to me across all of this has been the love and support of my wife and children, who have regulated me as I navigated the course of my career. And they've put up with my constant design critiques, techniques, and bad dad jokes.